Monday, January 10, 2011

Right Person for the Right Post

Organisation exists when there is a leader and group of people working for its business. No organisation can exist without people. So the basic prime factor for success or failure of any organisation anywhere in the world depends on the quality of its leader and workforce.

A good leader must therefore satisfy the qualities of dynamism, selflessness, high degree of integrity, broadmindedness with positive attitude and above all fair treatment of all workforce. Irrespective of the qualification and knowledge; rank and seniority; skilled and non-skilled; related party or not, all members of the workforce are equal in the eyes of the organisation. Therefore it is very crucial that a good leader runs the organisation without any discrimination and nepotism among the workforce.

However, people might argue that success or failure of organisation do not entirely depend on its leader but rather on its systems and procedures. But who makes and originates the systems and procedures? Of course they are made by the leader and his management team (comprising of people). The quality of systems and procedures whether strong or weak, therefore, ultimately depends on the quality of the leader.

If the top leader is clean everything down the line including the systems would be clean. But if the leader is selfish and corrupt everything would be corrupt. I feel that high prevalence of nepotism and favouritism is the main culprit of weakening the good systems and thereby resulting in high level of corruption in any organisation.

Therefore since it is the leader who is responsible for success or failure of the organisation it is highly essential that government put in place a strong culture of selecting a right leader for a right post. There should not be any bias or favouritism even in the initial selection of the leader.

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