Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Life's Lesson of the Past

Every individual would have experienced some incidences in their life which might have, in one way or other, been life’s lessons for them especially with things we encounter every day. There could be certain things to which one should act or should not act. But whatever lessons – small or big - we learn from life, if they are not shared with others they will only die away from memories without benefitting or adding any value for others.

Even if we have anything to do or act in life, the principle is we always have to think twice before we attempt anything. Otherwise it will only embarrass us and repent for having done something.

For the benefit of all – though it might sound rather funny and laughable –I want to share with the visitors to this blog one of my real life incident which I experienced a long ago in the past.

Here it goes…….

“It was Monday the 31st of January 2000. Time was just few minutes past 8 pm in the evening when that - funny yet worth notable – incident occurred near Gupta Photo Studio in Jaigoan.

I had gone to Chandra Clinic Optics in Jaigoan to collect my brand new spectacles that I had ordered the previous day. On my return I loitered from one shop to another, pondering over what I ought to buy when suddenly from a distant of some 10 meters away I noticed a group of 3 women.

With their backs turned to me and slightly bent they were busy buying beetle nuts from a vendor. As I took a closer observation as to whom they were I deduced that one of the women was none other than Mrs. Tshering Dema, wife of G. Norbu, a shopkeeper in Trashigang whom I knew.

She was wearing the same, familiar ‘Mathra Kira’ that I saw her often in that attire when I used to visit her shop for collection of loan repayments whilst in Trashigang. Even from her stature and one side of her face, which was visible, she appeared to my eyes as herself. My conscience also convinced me that she was the same Tshering Dema whom I knew during my stay in Trashigang (1991 to 1998). I finally construed myself as “may be, she must be possibly buying beetle nuts for her business”. But what I completely forgot was to ask myself as to why she would have to come all the way to Jaigoan to buy the beetle nuts when they are readily available in Samdrup Jongkhar.

Without an inch of doubt and hesitation, and at the same time over confident of myself that she was the 'known' Tshering Dema, I hastily increased my pace towards her and patted her back teasingly. At the back of my mind I had already decided what to tell her. I was about to utter something to her when she slowly raised herself up and turned to me. But to my great surprise and shame I realized that, ‘that Tshering Dema whom I had visualized moments ago’ was actually someone whom I never met at all before, let alone knowing her.

No doubt by her appearance from every angle she resembled Tshering Dema whom I knew. The only difference I observed was in the shape and size of their noses. The replica bore short and flat nose while the original one had long and pointed one as far as I could recollect. But all other features of their faces looked similar to me. What a great replica and a co-incidence!!!

Completely stunned and lost myself I could not even say "sorry" to her except to pretend myself as if I was not the one who patted her from the back. Instead I silently continued my walk up to my residence. All along the way I could not help myself laughing recollecting that funny, co-incidental event that took place”

The lesson I learnt from that event: There will sometimes be people who might resemble a replica of someone whom we know. But we must always first ascertain and be 100 percent sure of ourselves before we jump into any conclusions. It reminded me of the old adage, “Look Before You Leap”

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Color Wheel & Wonders of 3 Primary Colors

I am really fascinated by the wonders of 3 Primary Colors which can produce a complete Color Wheel with 12 segments of colors.

I guess everyone knows which are the 3 Primary Colors? Of course they are they are Blue, Red and Yellow.

These colors are known as ‘Primary’ for the sole reason that they cannot be produced by a mixture or a combination of any other colors.

In the color wheel the Primary Colors are indicated by a capital letter ‘P’.

From the 3 primary colors we can create 3 Secondary Colors with a mixture of any 2 primary colors. They are Orange obtained by a mixture of equal quantities of Red and Yellow, Green derived from a mixture of Yellow and Blue and Violet which is the resultant mixture of Blue with Red. The secondary colors are indicated by a capital 'S'.

Is this the end of the color mixture magic? No! We can further create 6 more colors known as Tertiary Colors which are obtained from mixtures of Primary and Secondary colors. For example we get Red-Violet, Red-Orange, Blue-Green, Blue-Violet, Yellow-Green and Yellow-Orange colors. Again in the color wheel the tertiary colors are indicated by the capital letter, 'T'.

Isn’t it really fascinating and surprising that we can create many different colors just from 3 primary colors? What a wonderful surprise, yet so economical for painters and artists. We need not buy a packet of 12 colors as we can easily create on our own.

Of course the artist has to buy the ‘White’ color which is essential color for lightening the value of color called Tint. For example when White is added to Blue it will result in Light Blue, which is a tint of Blue.

If anyone is interested and curious to know more about color wheel and its theory please visit the web.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The birth of New Year - What it all Signifies?

The 2nd of Feb, 2011 closes the chapters for Bhutanese "Iron Male Tiger Year". Just as each chapter is followed by next chapter, the dawning of 3rd Feb, 2011 will give birth to a new Bhutanese "Iron Female Rabbit Year" that will rule for another 1 year.

It is time for us to cherish all our achievements of Iron Male Tiger Year and also time to celebrate the new Iron Female Rabbit Year with renewed hopes and aspirations.   

But what does the birth of such new year signify? It means a lot to us. We are one year older than what we were in Iron Male Tiger Year. At the same time we are also closer to death by one year.

I can vividly remember the sayings of my lama, Rangshikhar Rinpoche. He always used to remind his followers that, "death approaches nearer and nearer; and there is no one who has remained alive even in the past or present".

So when the new year is in our hand let us all re-dedicate this new year with solemn prayers and wishes for the benefit of all sentient beings.

May all enjoy peace, happiness and prosperity in the Iron Female Rabbit Year 2011.