Saturday, December 31, 2011


Just as serial number 2011 is followed by 2012 in numerical order, similar is the truth in the close of year 2011 followed by birth of year 2012.

The clicking of the clock at 12 pm today midnight on 31 Dec 2011 would signal the end of year 2011 and dawn of New Year – 2012.

The dawning of New Year would signify closure of all life’s chapters for year 2011 and opening of new chapters for the year 2012. It would also signal everyone that we would be 365 days older than what we were a year ago.

Whatever it is the picture would speak more than what I can express. Nonetheless I would like to translate in brief what the picture tells us all about. The bloggers can also interpret the picture in their own way as what they perceive.

But to me, the three figures on the horizon with their faces turned towards the rising sun signals warm welcoming of the New Year 2012 and the vast sky space above them exemplifies that there are abundant new opportunities & challenges, new dreams and aspirations, happiness, prosperity and peace in store for everyone to explore, sow and reap. On the other hand, the dark landscape in the picture testifies setting of sun for year 2011 and the three figures with their back turned against the dark landscape seemingly bids farewell and goodbye to the year 2011.

So in the similar manner as in the picture and as I join everyone to bid adieu to year 2011 and welcome new year 2012, I would like to wish each and every blogger a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012.