Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paying attention to small things

Every reader must have noticed the first caption of the Kuenselonline News Issue of 25th June, 2011 reading in bold letters such as:

All ayes for need of it

Chairman asks for it to be drafted in consultation with relevant authorities

National Flag Bill 24 June, 2011 - National Council members yesterday unanimously agreed on its social and cultural affairs committee’s proposal for the need of a national flag bill.....

Although the word 'ayes' will be definitely presumed by all shrewed readers to be actually 'eyes' and is only a misprint and nothing else, but it has got a lot of bearing on the way such trivial error is being flashed in the only National Newspaper such as Kuensel. Such error could have been avoided if only the people responsible were little more cautious and did not take anything for granted.

We the Bhutanese including myself have the habit of not paying much attention to what we actually do. We always tend to believe that things would be in order and least bother to reconfirm. But let us remind ourselves that it is always better to examine the things before we believe and accept them that all would be in order.