Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Painting - My Only Passion!

Painting - whether still life, landscape or portraits has always been my only passion since my school days. In early stage of schooling especially for Classes 3 to 5 we used to have one Art Class period every once a week wherein drawing of Bhutanese Art like "Tashi Tagey" eight auspicious signs, the dragon and other Bhutanese arts was taught in class. Sometimes we were also taught to draw the image of Lord Buddha with specific measurements. But we were never taught how to paint, neither the color theory and color mixing skills involved in painting.

Out of my keen interest I painted a Bhutanese Thangka of Lord Buddha when I was in Class IX in Jigme Sherubling Higher Secondary School in Khaling. I think that was my first painting piece attempted out of my own passion and I was fortunate enough to receive a sale price of Nu.3000.00 for the painting from none other than the Late William Father Mackey who was then the Principal.

Even in Class X Exam in 1980, I opted for Art exam in lieu of Economics and I was the only student who took Art Exam which consisted of drawing still life. I vividly remember that a basket-full of flowers, and fruits like apples and bananas and some plants were laid out at the examination table and I was instructed to draw and sketch all the items in pencil- just as they were positioned in the bamboo basket within the usual time period of 2 hours. I was fortunate that my art mark of 72 out of 100 really improved my overall percentage in the exam.

Despite my keen interest in art I was however not able to do any kind of art in Pre-University and Degree College. It was only after a period of 7-8 years that I took to painting again. My second Painting was also a Bhutanese Thangka, this time "Guru Tshengye" the eight manifestation of Guru Padmasambhava. This was done in 1990 while I was in service with Bank of Bhutan Ltd as a Branch Manager in Punakha. The medium of painting was in water color on canvass. This painting was gifted to a hotel owner in Punakha in gratitude of     their wholehearted support and co-operation extended to me.

Since then my passion for painting grew stronger day by day and instead of water color I then tried my hand in oil painting of landscapes. My landscape oil paintings normally consisted of Dzongs and Monasteries of Bhutan and I could even sell some few pieces to interested buyers.

But I had never given a try in painting portraits before. It was only on the occasion of the Royal Wedding in Oct 2011 that I gave an attempt for the first time to paint an oil portrait of our Royal Couple. I am very happy that I could even fulfill my dream of gifting a royal portrait to Their Majesties on Oct 14, 2011 in Thimphu on their return from Punakha after the royal wedding.

Now with more passion and interest in art I am devoting most of my time in painting landscapes and portraits. I am currently painting a view of Gangtey monastery which is nearing completion and which is appended below:

I have deliberately added a monk in the painting in order to make the painting more lively although it is not in the reference picture.

Initially I thought painting would be very easy - just to paint with any colors as you desire. But in reality painting is not so easy as I once thought; we really need to know the basics of color theory and color mixing knowledge, painting techniques and all rules associated in painting.

Hope that I gain additional skills, knowledge and experience with some more of continuous paintings and undying passion for art. I shall keep up with my passion as long as I can paint.          

Monday, June 25, 2012

24th June, 2012 - A Black Sunday!

As usual 24th June, 2012 was a normal and peaceful Sunday when all govt offices, agencies and private organizations were closed on weekend holiday and everyone relaxing and readying themselves for yet another week days’ work. All activities were in a standstill and people enjoying the holiday when all of a sudden everyone was shaken by the horrific news of fire accident of Wangdiphodrang Dzong being broadcasted by BBS.

It was announced by BBS at 6.00 pm news that the historic Wangdi Phodrang Dzong has been completely gutted by fire.

At first I could not believe myself whether this news was really true or not.Nonetheless in utter disbelief I asked myself, ‘if it is not true, how could BBS tell such terrific and shocking news to the listeners – that too to the whole nation?’

But soon every inch of doubt and curiosity was overcome by the live telecast pictures of engulfed Wangdi Phodrang Dzong by fire – which was at its height by the time everyone witnessed the live telecast.

It was indeed a most pitiful and heart-aching sight for everyone to see the most strategic, historic and precious Dzong being engulfed by fire and burnt to ashes all of a sudden in front of everyone’s eyes. No one would have ever thought or dreamt that such a colossal and dreadful incident, such as this, would befall Bhutan.

This incident was so dreadful and gigantic that not even the whole of people residing in Wangdi Phodrang who were on site could contain the huge whirlpool of fire, let alone the people of whole nation when everything was beyond human control due to precarious location of the Dzong coupled with huge gust of strong winds blowing.

Oh, what a horrific nightmare and a great loss to the nation!

Despite the shocking tragedy and heavy loss of 374 years old historic monument to fire – one of the four natural elements on earth, it is a great relief for everyone today to know that no human casualty has been witnessed in the incident and all the precious relics – the ‘nangtens’ of the Dzong have safely been recovered and handed over to Dratsang as announced by BBS.

It is also a great relief for the people of Bhutan to know that irrespective of whatever hardships and financial constraints Bhutan might face, the Government under Royal Command has already finalized its decision to restore the lost Dzong to its original state or even greater in quality and strength.

As we console ourselves with all these good tidings, let us pay our solemn tribute and gratitude to Their Majesties for personally overseeing the fire incident of the Dzong. Let us also pay our heartfelt gratification and congratulations to all three wings of Bhutan force and security personnel, dzongkhag officials and people of Wangdi for successfully recovering all the precious ‘nangtens’ from the Dzong-in- ruins.

In nutshell, the past is past and it cannot be undone. The only thing we can do now is reunite ourselves in this hour of disaster and take all possible precautionary measures to prevent such tragic incidents occur again in future and also pray to ‘Kencho- Sum’ that history do not repeat itself.

The aftermath of 24th June, 2012 incident is a sorrowful state as this.

We only have the remains of simple stone-walls which is the only hope of every Bhutanese.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hi Bloggers! Here is yet another oil portrait of Their Majesties for everyone to pay tributes to the Royal Couple and pray for their happy married life till eternity. We are very fortunate to have born as their subjects and thus pray for ever lasting peace and prosperity in Bhutan under the farsighted leadership and rule of Their Majesties

Friday, April 27, 2012

Another version of Royal Couple's Portrait

Hi Bloggers! Here is another version of Their Majesties' oil portrait painted by me for everyone to enjoy viewing it and to pay their tributes to their Majesties through this portrait and wish them a very happy married life.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Royal Wedding Fever

Although it is just going to be exactly 6 months on 13th April, 2012 since the grand and historic Royal Wedding event that took place on 13th October 2011, the royal wedding celebrations fever surely must still be strong and vibrant in the hearts of every Bhutanese. While some would be rejoicing the great occasion with vivid reminiscences of the past, many others might patiently be looking forward to commemorate the anniversary of the national event on 13th October 2012.

Alike every other Bhutanese I too was and am still in the fits of royal wedding fever. Earlier when the royal wedding was publicly announced and circulated with beautiful images of the pre-royal wedding snapshots of the royal couple I could not resist my temptation in painting the Royal Couple portrait in oil which was duly given to Their Majesties as royal wedding gift on 14th Oct, 2011. See my earlier article on ‘A Dream – Fulfilled’.

Even in the post-royal wedding period when many beautiful snapshots of Their Majesties – dressed in traditional majestic attires and wearing auspicious five-colored scarf, ‘Dhar Ney-gna’ - were flushed in the media, I was again greatly inspired by those pictures to give yet another try in painting an oil portrait. And with increased interest and passion I could finally paint this portrait of Their Majesties which is now completed.

I have tried my level best to paint a replica of Their Majesties. But of course the judgement on the quality of the art piece entirely depends on the bloggers and other viewers. However as I am still an amateur and not a professional painter, the portrait might still suffer from many deficiencies, distortions and omissions for which I sincerely apologise.

Whatever it is, let us all pay our solemn tribute to Their Majesties through this art of mine. Long live Their Majesties and pray that Bhutan enjoy much greater peace and prosperity under the wise and benevolent rule of Their Majesties.

My only hope is that everyone will enjoy viewing the portrait anyway.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Great Relief Indeed!

The 21st day of March, 2012 shall be remembered and cherished as a last working day of my service in Bank of Bhutan Ltd and a great day indeed to merit a formal relieving order.

After 24 years of my service in Bank of Bhutan from Sept 1987 to March 2012, I am now a free and completely relaxed man. Of course on one hand it is a great relief and relaxation in that I do not have any more responsibilities as an employee. But on the other hand it is also a sad moment to part from the big family of more than 600 employees which in essence signals the very truth of impermanency in life.

Nonetheless by taking such a bold decision to resign even before superannuation, I am happy and proud that I could courageously accept and accomplish the truth explicit in the statement “No one is INDISPENSABLE” as quoted by our wise and able leaders. This has given me no reason to have any form of attachment to Bank of Bhutan as it is just a matter of time for any Tom, Dick and Harry to vacate the bank for younger generations some day or the other – no matter how great and powerful we are.

Similarly as also rightly remarked by our honorable and great leaders that “Nobody comes from thin air”, my joining in as well as resignation from Bank of Bhutan has not been without any formalities as I also passed through normal recruitment and resignation formalities being followed in Bank of Bhutan. The real truth is ‘no single employee would have landed in bank from thin air’ in fact.

But whatever is said and done I must truly admit that I have enjoyed my long years of stay in bank. Just as Bank of Bhutan has grown in net profit and volume of business from a mere Nu.36.78 million and Nu.845.00 million respectively in year 1987 to remarkable profit of Nu.644.39 million and business volume of Nu.37,956.20 million in year 2011, I too have grown and matured with bank from a mere general B.Com graduate in 1987 to a Banker – rich with knowledge and practical experience in banking.

It has been a very enriching experience and fruitful stay in Bank of Bhutan. Just as everyone plays their role I am content that I have also played by part in the growth of the bank in my own small way for all these years.

But the journey in one’s life does not end with mere resignation and/or retirement from service. We have many more dreams and aspirations to fulfill in life until we breathe our last.

As I salute to Bank of Bhutan for everything, I wish to place on record my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Board, Management and Employees of the bank for all the support and guidance which transformed my tenure in bank a most ‘memorable and worth the stay’. I wish each and every employee of Bank of Bhutan a very bright and cherishing career ahead.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy & Prosperous "Water Male Dragon Year"

The dawn of 22nd Feb, 2012 will close life’s chapters for "Iron Female Rabbit Year" and give birth to a new year, ”Water Male Dragon Year – 2012’ for Bhutan and every Bhutanese.

‘Water Male Dragon Year’ is yet another opportune year for all to revisit what has been achieved and what has not been achieved.

For those who have achieved everything as planned and worked hard, the ‘Water Male Dragon Year’ is obviously a wonderful year for them to cherish and enjoy the fruits of their achievements in ‘Iron Female Rabbit Year’.

But for those who could not achieve everything as they planned and simply dreamt without really getting into action, ‘Water Male Dragon Year’ is also the right year and time for them to work hard with renewed vigor and confidence to accomplish all unfinished works and unachieved targets of the ‘Iron Female Rabbit Year’.

Whatever it may be, the birth of ‘Water Male Dragon Year’ brings in plenty of equal opportunities for everyone to celebrate the year with renewed hopes, aspirations and solemn prayers.

Let us all re-dedicate ourselves to the birth of Bhutanese New Year with solemn prayers and good wishes for the benefit of all sentient beings and may everyone enjoy greater peace, gross happiness and unlimited prosperity in the ‘Water Male Dragon Year – 2012’.

Wishing every blogger a very happy Bhutanese New Year Losar and prosperous ‘Water Male Dragon Year – 2012’

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some Prayers for all Buddhist Devotees

The above is the prayer composed by His Holiness Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche invoking swift reincarnation of His Late Dungsey Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. This prayer was recited by all the devotees attending the ‘Kama Wang’ on 28th Dec, 2011, one day after the expiry date of His Holiness.

The above is the 'Zhabten’ of His Eminence, Jigme Pema Thinley Namgyel, the 7th incarnation of Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche which was distributed to the devotees on the first day of the ‘Kama Wang’ on 2nd Dec, 2011 in Phuentsholing as prayers for the long life of His Holiness