Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy & Prosperous "Water Male Dragon Year"

The dawn of 22nd Feb, 2012 will close life’s chapters for "Iron Female Rabbit Year" and give birth to a new year, ”Water Male Dragon Year – 2012’ for Bhutan and every Bhutanese.

‘Water Male Dragon Year’ is yet another opportune year for all to revisit what has been achieved and what has not been achieved.

For those who have achieved everything as planned and worked hard, the ‘Water Male Dragon Year’ is obviously a wonderful year for them to cherish and enjoy the fruits of their achievements in ‘Iron Female Rabbit Year’.

But for those who could not achieve everything as they planned and simply dreamt without really getting into action, ‘Water Male Dragon Year’ is also the right year and time for them to work hard with renewed vigor and confidence to accomplish all unfinished works and unachieved targets of the ‘Iron Female Rabbit Year’.

Whatever it may be, the birth of ‘Water Male Dragon Year’ brings in plenty of equal opportunities for everyone to celebrate the year with renewed hopes, aspirations and solemn prayers.

Let us all re-dedicate ourselves to the birth of Bhutanese New Year with solemn prayers and good wishes for the benefit of all sentient beings and may everyone enjoy greater peace, gross happiness and unlimited prosperity in the ‘Water Male Dragon Year – 2012’.

Wishing every blogger a very happy Bhutanese New Year Losar and prosperous ‘Water Male Dragon Year – 2012’