Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Great Relief Indeed!

The 21st day of March, 2012 shall be remembered and cherished as a last working day of my service in Bank of Bhutan Ltd and a great day indeed to merit a formal relieving order.

After 24 years of my service in Bank of Bhutan from Sept 1987 to March 2012, I am now a free and completely relaxed man. Of course on one hand it is a great relief and relaxation in that I do not have any more responsibilities as an employee. But on the other hand it is also a sad moment to part from the big family of more than 600 employees which in essence signals the very truth of impermanency in life.

Nonetheless by taking such a bold decision to resign even before superannuation, I am happy and proud that I could courageously accept and accomplish the truth explicit in the statement “No one is INDISPENSABLE” as quoted by our wise and able leaders. This has given me no reason to have any form of attachment to Bank of Bhutan as it is just a matter of time for any Tom, Dick and Harry to vacate the bank for younger generations some day or the other – no matter how great and powerful we are.

Similarly as also rightly remarked by our honorable and great leaders that “Nobody comes from thin air”, my joining in as well as resignation from Bank of Bhutan has not been without any formalities as I also passed through normal recruitment and resignation formalities being followed in Bank of Bhutan. The real truth is ‘no single employee would have landed in bank from thin air’ in fact.

But whatever is said and done I must truly admit that I have enjoyed my long years of stay in bank. Just as Bank of Bhutan has grown in net profit and volume of business from a mere Nu.36.78 million and Nu.845.00 million respectively in year 1987 to remarkable profit of Nu.644.39 million and business volume of Nu.37,956.20 million in year 2011, I too have grown and matured with bank from a mere general B.Com graduate in 1987 to a Banker – rich with knowledge and practical experience in banking.

It has been a very enriching experience and fruitful stay in Bank of Bhutan. Just as everyone plays their role I am content that I have also played by part in the growth of the bank in my own small way for all these years.

But the journey in one’s life does not end with mere resignation and/or retirement from service. We have many more dreams and aspirations to fulfill in life until we breathe our last.

As I salute to Bank of Bhutan for everything, I wish to place on record my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Board, Management and Employees of the bank for all the support and guidance which transformed my tenure in bank a most ‘memorable and worth the stay’. I wish each and every employee of Bank of Bhutan a very bright and cherishing career ahead.