Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Painting - My Only Passion!

Painting - whether still life, landscape or portraits has always been my only passion since my school days. In early stage of schooling especially for Classes 3 to 5 we used to have one Art Class period every once a week wherein drawing of Bhutanese Art like "Tashi Tagey" eight auspicious signs, the dragon and other Bhutanese arts was taught in class. Sometimes we were also taught to draw the image of Lord Buddha with specific measurements. But we were never taught how to paint, neither the color theory and color mixing skills involved in painting.

Out of my keen interest I painted a Bhutanese Thangka of Lord Buddha when I was in Class IX in Jigme Sherubling Higher Secondary School in Khaling. I think that was my first painting piece attempted out of my own passion and I was fortunate enough to receive a sale price of Nu.3000.00 for the painting from none other than the Late William Father Mackey who was then the Principal.

Even in Class X Exam in 1980, I opted for Art exam in lieu of Economics and I was the only student who took Art Exam which consisted of drawing still life. I vividly remember that a basket-full of flowers, and fruits like apples and bananas and some plants were laid out at the examination table and I was instructed to draw and sketch all the items in pencil- just as they were positioned in the bamboo basket within the usual time period of 2 hours. I was fortunate that my art mark of 72 out of 100 really improved my overall percentage in the exam.

Despite my keen interest in art I was however not able to do any kind of art in Pre-University and Degree College. It was only after a period of 7-8 years that I took to painting again. My second Painting was also a Bhutanese Thangka, this time "Guru Tshengye" the eight manifestation of Guru Padmasambhava. This was done in 1990 while I was in service with Bank of Bhutan Ltd as a Branch Manager in Punakha. The medium of painting was in water color on canvass. This painting was gifted to a hotel owner in Punakha in gratitude of     their wholehearted support and co-operation extended to me.

Since then my passion for painting grew stronger day by day and instead of water color I then tried my hand in oil painting of landscapes. My landscape oil paintings normally consisted of Dzongs and Monasteries of Bhutan and I could even sell some few pieces to interested buyers.

But I had never given a try in painting portraits before. It was only on the occasion of the Royal Wedding in Oct 2011 that I gave an attempt for the first time to paint an oil portrait of our Royal Couple. I am very happy that I could even fulfill my dream of gifting a royal portrait to Their Majesties on Oct 14, 2011 in Thimphu on their return from Punakha after the royal wedding.

Now with more passion and interest in art I am devoting most of my time in painting landscapes and portraits. I am currently painting a view of Gangtey monastery which is nearing completion and which is appended below:

I have deliberately added a monk in the painting in order to make the painting more lively although it is not in the reference picture.

Initially I thought painting would be very easy - just to paint with any colors as you desire. But in reality painting is not so easy as I once thought; we really need to know the basics of color theory and color mixing knowledge, painting techniques and all rules associated in painting.

Hope that I gain additional skills, knowledge and experience with some more of continuous paintings and undying passion for art. I shall keep up with my passion as long as I can paint.