Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Update of the Royal Portrait painting

Just a small update of oil portrait painting of Her Majesty the Queen for those lovers of arts! But 60% of the work still remains to be done.
2nd Stage of Portrait Art

Monday, July 1, 2013

Back to Royal Portraits Again

Hi friends! I am back to royal portrait again. This painting has just been started on Sunday the 30th June, 2013 and is still under process. I have just managed to roughly paint and refine some of the facial features in oil over the first outline of sketching and drawing in acrylic. The oil portrait I am painting this time is comparatively larger with canvas size of 24x30 inches. One day’s effort is worth inspiring for me to continue further with refinements of all the acrylic works in oil and concentrate more on adjustment of color values, tone and overall composition of the subject. All viewers who are keen lovers of art can obviously observe how much work is left to be done with this portrait. I still have to redo and refine the entire background, the hair, the ‘tego’ and all facial features again in oil. So everyone, be patient to see the completed painting as it will take some more Sundays to finish it. 
1st Stage of Portrait Art

Though portrait art is a very difficult and laborious task I really enjoy painting portraits insofar as the more I paint the more I gain confidence besides acquiring new techniques and sharpening of skills. My inner instinct and passion still says that “I CAN DO IT” and thus inspires me further to take up portrait art. The truth is now being revealed that if we really have keen interest and strong passion for anything there is nothing that we cannot do. And, remember portrait is an art done by people like us all over the world. I am really amazed to know that some professionals in the world have been painting portraits for the last 60 to 70 years and this itself shows the amount of interest, dedication and sacrifice people have devoted to human art.

In fact the only tutor and guide I have is the net through which I learn all about portrait painting techniques shared by great masters. Besides this, the amazing realistic oil portrait pictures and the online painting demos of various professional artists have been the key source of “INSPIRATION” for all my interest and learning in portrait art.

It's quite encouraging to know the truth that there are blues, greens and other color pigments in human skin tone as advised by one professional portraiture from America . Truly speaking I never used any blue or green pigments in my earlier portraits of Their Majesties as I did not know the real advantages of using this pigments along with normal skin color until I heard from the expert. Now as I follow and apply the expert's advice into actual painting practice, these (blue and green) are really wonderful pigments which are helpful in toning down the otherwise bright red or orange colors often used for skin tones. I have learnt now that we cannot think of painting skin tones without these pigments. Thanks to the expert who has been kind enough to share his experience.    

My only hope and aspiration is to become one of the portrait experts of Bhutan some day in future. But for that to materialise we need unwavering efforts and continued learning with constant practices.