Friday, September 20, 2013

Landscape Painting of Drugyal Dzong, Paro

This is a landscape oil painting I am currently working - on a very large canvas size of 4x3 ft. Needless to say what I am painting 'What' as the readers and all visitors will at the mere sight of it will be able to say 'what I am painting' 

Yes I am painting the famous Drukgyal Dzong which was once a grand fortress historically built by Tenzin Drukdra in 1649 at the behest of Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel to commemorate victory over an invasion from Tibet. The dzong lies in upper part of the Paro in Drugyal valley. Albeit now in ruins the Drugyal Dzong is however a very popular place of importance for tourist visits. 

Shown below is the original reference image from which I am painting.

Ever since I came across this picture I was greatly inspired to give a try in painting this striking scene.

I knew I would not be able to paint exactly the same as what it looked like. It is almost next to impossible for a painter to bring out the same image as it is; only a camera can capture the exact replica of the original. 

Nevertheless keeping the essence of the original image as it is I have, as a painter, used some artistic licences to alter certain elements of the original image. And thus painted this landscape scenery in accordance with how I desired to project the painting to the viewers.  

In fact this painting has taken quite a long time to complete and is still in process with its revised version which I am retouching again. 

The earlier version lacked some focal points of emphasis as I squinted critically over the painting. Finally I decided to repaint with more emphasis on focal points though a lot of time would be consumed by the retouching. 

The viewers might now see for yourself the obvious difference in the painting with middle ground (i.e. the scenery around the ruined dzong and houses) appearing more focused with contrasting light and shadow colors than what was in the previous version.   

The revised version (which is how the painting will look like in finished version) is still to be completed. I am now contented with the revision.  


  1. Great one sir. It brings about a nice feeling looking at your paintings.

  2. Although I am not a professional painter, I am happy to know all viewers enjoy my paintings. I shall keep posting any new paintings that I take up later as well...