Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 with 8 Auspicious Signs

Here is me wishing all bloggers, readers and visitors to my blog a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 through 8 Auspicious Signs.
1.      May the Right-Turning Conch (Dhungkar) reverberate sounds of Dharma and awaken all of us from sleeping state of ignorance and traverse towards the path of noble deeds that are beneficial to all sentient beings.

2.      May the Parasol (Dhug) symbolizing authority of Buddha protect our heads from the scorching heat of Sun just as the law protects the mind from the scorching passion.

3.      May the Banner of Victory (Gyaltsen) usher in victory of good over evil forces accompanied with the success of noble goals.

4.      May the Endless Knot (Palbheu) symbolizing a law without beginning and without end usher in  Eternity of all the theories and philosophies of the universe.

May the Wheel of Dharma (Choekyi Khorlo) propagate all of Buddha's teaching on eight fold path.

6.      May the Golden Fish (Sernya) - symbolizing resurrection of eternal life, rebirth etc - render us eye of perception and strength to swim with ease without obstruction in the ocean of this world.

7.      May the White Lotus (Pema) facilitate us to achieve the ultimate goal of enlightenment that is free of all earthly matters.

8.      May the Treasure Vase (Bhumpa) provides us with a repository of limitless material wealth, good health and long life.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Historic Punakha Dzong

The oil painting of historic Punakha Dzong has just been started. It is still in the initial stages of painting. There are lots and lots of details to be worked out still. What is striking about this painting is the reflections of Dzong Utse and surroundings which will add value to the overall composition of the painting when completed.

Here is the picture of the painting under process:

Punakha Dzong Painting under process

self at work  

Mixing appropriate color for painting on palette
The readers and viewers would notice from the above pictures that I normally paint from sample pictures in desktop as it is very convenient and handy to copy the colors and details of the subject by zooming in. Gone are days when I used to paint from photos squinting my eyes or using magnifying glasses. The desktop or the laptop has now become an indispensable instruments to assist with my paintings.    

(To be continued later along with the updates of painting...)


Friday, December 20, 2013

Gyaltsuen’s Oil Portrait – Final Print

The oil portrait of Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen’s is now finally completed. It has taken a laborious task of full 5 months to finish – from 30th June to 30th Nov, 2013. Here is the completed print for all to see. 

As said in my earlier post of 1st July, 2013 portrait art is obviously a very difficult and challenging task for any artist in that you really have to paint and bring out the same recognizable identity as that of the subject you are painting. Albeit the difficulty I have really enjoyed painting the portrait of Her Majesty. It has given me so much of new techniques and approaches to be adopted in painting portrait let alone sharpening of portrait painting skills. I can now boast myself that I now know some few do’s and don’ts to abide by while working with oil portraits – although I do not have any formal training as such. Series of ‘Painting Practices’ and ‘Experience’ have by far been the best tutor for me.

The completed oil portrait is now sold to one of the art galleries in Thimphu. Anyone who is interested to see the portrait in real or even aspires to buy may kindly visit the gallery.   

Just for recap of earlier postings of painting updates and for the benefit of all the readers and viewers I am attesting herein the stages of painting process along with the completed print.