Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Visit to Phuentsholing Dungkhag Court - The Last Chapter of Year 2014

Farewell 2014 and Welcome 2015!

Gone will be year 2014 within next 31 hours from now bringing in a New Year 2015. Year 2014 will remain a mere history only to be remembered and cherished about so many things that every of us experienced during the year. For me I do not remember any other important activities that I undertook apart from working with my passion in oil paintings. As I look back I recollect having painted more than 12 landscapes and 5 portraits during 2014. 

The initial first 9 days of December 2014 has been very special for me in having visited many sacred religious sites on pilgrim to Nepal such as the following: 
1. Boudhanath Temple -located in the heart of Kathmandu valley that is surrounded and circled all around by line of numerous shops adorned with handicraft and gift items, thangpa paintings, restaurants and hotels, temples and monasteries, clothing, general stores and even vegetable vendors.    
Boudhanath Chorten in Boudha, Nepal
2. Maratika Caves: The Maratika Cave 1 is an awesome cave where Guru Padmasambhava and his consort Mandharava was blessed with immortal life by Amitayus Buddha (Tshepamay). A large vase of longevity from which Amitayus Buddha blessed Guru and his consort can be seen just on top of staircase where monks are seen climbing up in image below.  
Maratika Cave 1 
                                The Maratika Cave 2 is even more amazing vertical cave to be seen where Guru Padmasambhava is believed to have flown up through self created large opening of the cave while in meditation. This cave is almost the height of a five storeyed concrete Bhutanese building.
Maratika Cave 2
3. Namo Buddha is a site where Lord Buddha in his earlier life offered his own body to a hungry tigress upon pitiful sight of the tigress attempting to eat up her own 5 cubs for survival as depicted under.
Namo Budha
4. Asura Cave: This is another cave in Pharping, Nepal where Guru Padmasambhava is believed to have meditated. On the exterior of this cave opening we can see the handprint of Guru on the rock as under.
Asura Cave in Pharping, Nepal 

Right Handprint of Guru Rinpoche on the exterior of Asura Cave 

I am fortunate that I had the golden opportunity of praying for peace and prosperity of all sentient beings. I had in mind this pilgrim would probably wind up the year 2014.

Visit to Phuentsholing Dungkhag Court:
Photo Courtesy of Phuentsholing Dungkhag Court: Internet
But there was something which was in store for me. I had to attend as one of the witnesses for a legal suit filed with Phuentsholing Court today the 30th Dec, 2014. And this was the result of my 7 months employment in a private firm in Phuentsholing which dragged me to the court. I was just called upon by a private legal firm, representing my earlier employer, to defend the truth of having made a full payment of 7 months salary to a non-national employee who was the defendant.

After an hour of waiting in the court I was finally ushered in Drangpon's chamber along with the defendant and legal representative of the business firm. The crux of the case was that the defendant had alleged of not receiving full salary for several months in year 2013 and I was just required to present the truth to court of law since I was the interim Accounts Officer of the firm from June, 2013 to Dec, 2013 although I had resigned a year ago in Dec, 2013.

I was first ordered by the court to submit whatever I knew of above allegations. As asked I submitted all the facts to Court first verbally and then followed by submission of my statements in writing with a legal stamp.

I was ushered in the court room again with my written statement which was read out by a court official for the information of all parties involved in the case. This practice which I never known before was indeed a very good court proceedings in informing all relevant parties of what is being submitted or expressed by anyone attending the court.          

Although I have never had the opportunity of visiting the court even for once during the whole of 24 years of my service in Bank of Bhutan Ltd, it was indeed a new learning experience for me to know a little about how the court proceedings are carried out in Bhutan.

The conclusion message here is 'We all are responsible for whatever we undertake intentionally or unintentionally and everything is going to follow  us like a shadow'.

Lastly I would like to wish everyone a very "Happy New Year 2015"  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Emotional Moment of Love and Respect between a Royal Father and a Royal Son

It was a very rejoicing and emotional moment for all Bhutanese to see their Majesties the 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck and the 5th King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck walking hand in hand after the closing event of the grand celebrations of 107th National Day of Bhutan which was telecast live from Sherubtse College, Kanglung, East Bhutan on 17 Dec, 2014. 

Photo Courtesy - Facebook Page of Her Majesty the Queen, Jetsun Pema
This royal photo is symbolic of the deep satisfaction of Their Majesties for a very peaceful historic national day celebrations that has come to a close. To me especially the joining of Their Royal Hands clearly exhibits the following:

1.     The Love, Warmth and Affection of the Royal Father for His Royal Son, symbolizing fatherly pride and deep satisfaction of His Son’s leadership and successful rule over the last 9 years of Sacred Duty to the Royal Throne;

2.      The deep Respect and Gratitude of the Royal Son to His Royal Father for all the fatherly care, love and guidance bestowed on Him;

3.      The deep satisfaction of Their Majesties in meeting and interacting all the people of Bhutan during the grand National Day celebration;

4.      A rare and very precious moment for all Bhutanese to catch a glimpse of Their Majesties  walking hand in hand in affection as Bhutan had never in the annals of its history  witnessed such a sacred moment of two living Kings together;

5.      A very colorful and gorgeous dresses of Their Majesties exhibiting a very unique dress code and identity of the Bhutanese which no other countries of the world can boast of.

6.      A solemn prayer of Their Majesties in togetherness for a continued peace and prosperity for Bhutan and its people for all times to come.  

We Bhutanese are really fortunate to have been born in Bhutan - albeit a very small nation - where unlimited peace and tranquility prevails under the protection, guidance and foresighted leadership of Their Godly Majesties. While we pay our deep respect and tribute to Their Majesties, we also offer our solemn prayers with unwavering faith for Their Long life and continued peace and prosperity in Bhutan till eternity.



Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Punakha Dzong Painting

I have happy to upload my latest painting of 'Punakha Dzong Reflection'.  The medium of painting is in acrylic and this is my first attempt to paint landscapes especially in acrylic. The most difficult and challenging task is of course in painting image reflections in water. I hope I am able to convince the viewers about the reflections of the painting subject. Despite imminent flaws and shortcomings, the bloggers may enjoy viewing the art work.
Punakha Dzong Reflection in Acrylic

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Landscape Paintings in OIl

Here are some of the landscape paintings I am working. All these are nearing completion. The medium of paintings are all in oil on canvas sizes of 30x20 inches. Let these oil paintings speak for me as they represent my sentiments and passion.

Lady Traveller
The above painting depicts the highway in Rukupji side. I believe the lady is supposedly a herder carrying lots of livestock products such as milk, butter and cheese to her home.

Village Scene
This painting is a scene in Phobjikha side I believe. It expresses the contrast between light and shade scene. Though there was nothing on the road in original sample I have added a man leading a horse for the sake of visual interest. Far away in the light I have also added a "Chorten" as one of the focal points in the painting.

Grazing Cows
The grazing cows in the barren fields is the focal point of the art. The scene is also one of Bhutan landscapes
somewhere on the way to Chendebji Chorten. I have added some big trees on the foreground for improving the visual interest of the painting.

Layab Yak herder
This painting shows a Layab lady supposedly chasing her yak down the mountains to join the rest of the herd.

Tacho Temple
The above painting is also of light and shade scene. It depicts the two iron bridges which leads to the Tacho Temple on the hillock. Truly speaking I have not visited this temple even once though I have seen so many times while going to Paro. I shall make sure that I visit once later.

Paro Dzong 
This painting shows a monk walking along the road leading to Paro Dzong bridge. The painting is not yet fully completed.

Painting landscapes, unlike portraits, is really interesting. It gives complete freedom to alter and/or add additional some elements in painting which will drastically improve the visual interest. I notice myself that every new painting that I take just gives sharpens my skills as I gain new techniques. There is awful truth in saying, 'Practice, Practice, Practice' which obviously is the only solution to improve our skills.        

The readers may enjoy viewing my paintings though they may not be up to the standards of professional artists.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Falling in Love with Brokpa Picture – Could you believe it?

I have come across many beautiful pictures of Brokpa posted over the net. But this particular picture has deeply touched my heart more than any other images I have seen.  And it is of special significance for me insofar as the moment I saw I really fell in love with this picture.

Original Picture - Entertaining a Guest 

The readers might mock at me when I say ‘I fell in love with this picture’. They might even assume that I must have really fallen in love with either one of standing ladies or with a seated lady on the floor. How can we say that we could ever fall in love with somebody just at a mere sight of their photo? Neither have I seen or met them before in real. I do not know who they are or what they are doing. I can only tell that the two standing ladies in the picture are Brokpas and a lady seated on the floor presumably must be their guest.

But the whole truth is I have surely fallen in deep love with the picture which exhibits deep gesture of generosity and kindness extended by the Brokpas to a visitor. Who knows the visitor could even be a stranger – may be meeting her for the first time! 

The other factor that moved me is the sight of a few utensils and other household items being displayed in the picture – the only essentials, I guess, of a simple living of a Brokpa family. The floor too is typical wooden planks that most Bhutanese homes have in the villages.  The location of the scene is apparently a kitchen and it could even be a living house also though the camera has supposedly focused only on kitchen in the picture. This reminds me of my ancestral home in 1960’s. My ancestral home was no more than what this picture can display. Thus I carry the same sentiments of this Brokpa family.  

Now coming to the point of what I actually felt and wanted to express is sentiments of my love, sympathy and generosity through art.

The mere sight - of Brokpa lady holding a vessel (Jamji in Sharchopkha) in her right hand and handing over a cup from her left hand to a visitor who reciprocates the same by holding the cup about to see some tea being poured into the cup - moved me so much that I loved to paint a replica of the same gesture through art. The moment I saw this touching picture in the internet I downloaded it and transferred the scene to a stretched canvas of 20x24 inches. As my urge and mood to paint was so strong at that moment I did not afford to lose any time.

So after everything was drawn I started to paint the entire scene in acrylic.

This time I wanted to test my skill and gain some exposure with acrylic medium. So far although I use some acrylic paints as foundational outlay for all my oil paintings, I had never done my entire paintings - from start to finish - in acrylic.

It was indeed a new experience for me though I really had tough time in bringing the painting to finish as lot of patience and fastness is required with acrylic paints as they dry very fast. If we know in depth the whole techniques of acrylic painting – we can really make as many paintings as possible in a month.  But with limited skill and knowledge with acrylic painting techniques - I doubt if I can ever make this happen.

Here is my completed painting. 

Acrylic Painting - A replica of Entertaining a Guest
This painting took me one whole week and I am quite impressed with my work although it is not up to the level of skill that I have acquired in oil portraits. I am fully satisfied and happy that I could translate the essence of the picture that I fell in love with at first sight.

So readers enjoy viewing the finished painting and may the mere sight of my art work bring you pleasure and happiness.