Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Falling in Love with Brokpa Picture – Could you believe it?

I have come across many beautiful pictures of Brokpa posted over the net. But this particular picture has deeply touched my heart more than any other images I have seen.  And it is of special significance for me insofar as the moment I saw I really fell in love with this picture.

Original Picture - Entertaining a Guest 

The readers might mock at me when I say ‘I fell in love with this picture’. They might even assume that I must have really fallen in love with either one of standing ladies or with a seated lady on the floor. How can we say that we could ever fall in love with somebody just at a mere sight of their photo? Neither have I seen or met them before in real. I do not know who they are or what they are doing. I can only tell that the two standing ladies in the picture are Brokpas and a lady seated on the floor presumably must be their guest.

But the whole truth is I have surely fallen in deep love with the picture which exhibits deep gesture of generosity and kindness extended by the Brokpas to a visitor. Who knows the visitor could even be a stranger – may be meeting her for the first time! 

The other factor that moved me is the sight of a few utensils and other household items being displayed in the picture – the only essentials, I guess, of a simple living of a Brokpa family. The floor too is typical wooden planks that most Bhutanese homes have in the villages.  The location of the scene is apparently a kitchen and it could even be a living house also though the camera has supposedly focused only on kitchen in the picture. This reminds me of my ancestral home in 1960’s. My ancestral home was no more than what this picture can display. Thus I carry the same sentiments of this Brokpa family.  

Now coming to the point of what I actually felt and wanted to express is sentiments of my love, sympathy and generosity through art.

The mere sight - of Brokpa lady holding a vessel (Jamji in Sharchopkha) in her right hand and handing over a cup from her left hand to a visitor who reciprocates the same by holding the cup about to see some tea being poured into the cup - moved me so much that I loved to paint a replica of the same gesture through art. The moment I saw this touching picture in the internet I downloaded it and transferred the scene to a stretched canvas of 20x24 inches. As my urge and mood to paint was so strong at that moment I did not afford to lose any time.

So after everything was drawn I started to paint the entire scene in acrylic.

This time I wanted to test my skill and gain some exposure with acrylic medium. So far although I use some acrylic paints as foundational outlay for all my oil paintings, I had never done my entire paintings - from start to finish - in acrylic.

It was indeed a new experience for me though I really had tough time in bringing the painting to finish as lot of patience and fastness is required with acrylic paints as they dry very fast. If we know in depth the whole techniques of acrylic painting – we can really make as many paintings as possible in a month.  But with limited skill and knowledge with acrylic painting techniques - I doubt if I can ever make this happen.

Here is my completed painting. 

Acrylic Painting - A replica of Entertaining a Guest
This painting took me one whole week and I am quite impressed with my work although it is not up to the level of skill that I have acquired in oil portraits. I am fully satisfied and happy that I could translate the essence of the picture that I fell in love with at first sight.

So readers enjoy viewing the finished painting and may the mere sight of my art work bring you pleasure and happiness.