Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Landscape Paintings in OIl

Here are some of the landscape paintings I am working. All these are nearing completion. The medium of paintings are all in oil on canvas sizes of 30x20 inches. Let these oil paintings speak for me as they represent my sentiments and passion.

Lady Traveller
The above painting depicts the highway in Rukupji side. I believe the lady is supposedly a herder carrying lots of livestock products such as milk, butter and cheese to her home.

Village Scene
This painting is a scene in Phobjikha side I believe. It expresses the contrast between light and shade scene. Though there was nothing on the road in original sample I have added a man leading a horse for the sake of visual interest. Far away in the light I have also added a "Chorten" as one of the focal points in the painting.

Grazing Cows
The grazing cows in the barren fields is the focal point of the art. The scene is also one of Bhutan landscapes
somewhere on the way to Chendebji Chorten. I have added some big trees on the foreground for improving the visual interest of the painting.

Layab Yak herder
This painting shows a Layab lady supposedly chasing her yak down the mountains to join the rest of the herd.

Tacho Temple
The above painting is also of light and shade scene. It depicts the two iron bridges which leads to the Tacho Temple on the hillock. Truly speaking I have not visited this temple even once though I have seen so many times while going to Paro. I shall make sure that I visit once later.

Paro Dzong 
This painting shows a monk walking along the road leading to Paro Dzong bridge. The painting is not yet fully completed.

Painting landscapes, unlike portraits, is really interesting. It gives complete freedom to alter and/or add additional some elements in painting which will drastically improve the visual interest. I notice myself that every new painting that I take just gives sharpens my skills as I gain new techniques. There is awful truth in saying, 'Practice, Practice, Practice' which obviously is the only solution to improve our skills.        

The readers may enjoy viewing my paintings though they may not be up to the standards of professional artists.