Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Tribute to His Majesty the 4th King of Bhutan Through Oil Portrait Art

On the historic celebration of 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Fourth King of Bhutan, I join all Bhutanese and bloggers in paying Tribute to our Great King who has been the "Father of Modern Bhutan" and "Founding Author of Gross National Happiness". 

Let oil portrait of His Majesty the 4th King of Bhutan that I have painted serve as a testimony of the deep respect and loyalty of every Bhutanese to their Great King. 

Oil Portrait of His Majesty the 4th King - Then
This painting is actually a retouch of the old painting that I had done as far back in December 2003 which is almost 12 years old. And there never was such a befitting occasion such as this to correct the imminent flaws in the painting which I was aware of. Finally I have been able to refine the flaws in this art - which is no greater than a King's portrait.       

All peace, happiness and vast economic development that every Bhutanese enjoy at present are undoubtedly the seeds of His Majesty's selfless service to the Nation during his 34 years of golden reign. Bhutan had never had a Heroic Ruler like the 4th King who even sacrificed His own precious life in protecting the sovereignty of the Nation and life of every Bhutanese. We are really fortunate to have born in Bhutan under such a selfless and visionary King. Will Bhutan ever have such a great King like HIM in future???

Oil Portrait of His Majesty the 4th King - Now
This portrait still needs some further refinements and finishing touches. Nevertheless viewers and bloggers can enjoy viewing the art. 

As we celebrate 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty, let us all rededicated our unwavering loyalty and services to the King, People and Nation and offer our solemn prayers in wishing His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan a very long life. Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Painting of Bhutanese Traditional Archery Match

This is a painting of Bhutanese Traditional Archery game which I have just started. It is my latest painting in oil. As there are many elements of figures - both the players and the onlookers to be painted -  this one, unlike other paintings, is going to pose a great challenge for me in bringing this into a very realistic and lively finish. Hope I am able to sharpen my skills and prove myself of a true artist who can create wonders in eyes of viewers as I progress with this art.    

Archery Match on Canvas 
  To be continued....... 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Painting of Tashi Chodzong

This is my first attempt in painting our capital fortress, Tashi Chodzong in Thimphu, Bhutan. I have painted so many other fortresses of Bhutan. But I have never painted this historic capital fortress even for once before. The first outlay of this painting has been done in acrylic and this is an output of my efforts in one public holiday on 2nd June, 2015.

The update of the painting will be posted as and when there is substantial progress with the painting. Enjoy viewing and be patient to see the next change.......   

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Oil Paintings In Pipeline

Albeit limited leisure hours at my disposal now, I am making optimum utilization of the only free time that is available in weekend Sundays by devoting to paintings. Since painting is my only hobby I can neither afford to sacrifice my leisure hours with idleness nor can I ever think of discontinuing my passion in painting.

There is always a risk of forgetting all the skills and techniques we have gained in painting when we don't keep up with consistent and continuous practice. The 3 simple words, "Practice, Practice, Practice" mean a lot in painting. If we lose practice we lose not only our acquired skills in art but we also lose our "interest" - the most fundamental drive in everything we do.

Thus in order to keep alive my interest and passion in painting lest I forget and lose everything, I have managed to start two new landscape oil paintings. These paintings are in their initial stages of development. While the harvesting scene in the forefront of Paro Dzong is still in its first stage in acrylic medium, the Gasa Dzong painting is in the 2nd stage with oil medium over acrylic.
Harvesting Scene in Paro

Gasa Dzong

Update of Gasa Dzong Painting

In order to speed up initial drawing and sketching works of various shapes, designs, forms and subjects of any paintings that I begin, be it landscapes or portraits, the acrylic color (which dries instantly) is usually my preferred medium in the first stage of my painting work.When once the whole white canvas is completely covered with various shades of acrylic color and all elements of subject, then our mood for real painting kicks off with all necessary corrections and refinements with appropriate values and contrast in oil colors. In fact with all my paintings the use of oil color medium normally starts from the 2nd stage of painting till completion.

This method of  combined color medium has indeed been very useful in expediting the progress of my painting works. But I must make things clear to all readers and interested artists to always keep in mind the simple wisdom the professional artists have emphasized repeatedly, "It is always OK to paint 'Oil over Acrylic' in painting; but it is a big NO to paint 'Acrylic over Oil'" as acrylic paints would crackle and peel over eventually.   

The readers and bloggers may, however, enjoy viewing my above new paintings although just started..........

A little update of painting has been made on 'Harvesting Scene in Paro' with oil on paddy fields and harvesters on Saturday afternoon on 15th May, 2015 in order to bring the foreground elements forward to the viewers. There will be some more updates tomorrow on Sunday provided I have no other works..... 

Update of Paddy Fields & Harvesters

Here is further update of Harvesting Scene in Paro done on Sunday. The readers will now see some refinements in background landscapes such as skies, clouds, hills and the big house in the foreground. The painting will now be left for drying until the 3rd stage where there would be further adjustments in color values, contrast and finishing touches etc...

2nd stage of Painting



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My first 1 Week of Experience in STCBL

Like a flying eagle let me first of all greet readers and bloggers a fine day after a long gap of silence. Hope all are in the best of health and enjoying your life.

My last painting 
Wherever we go and whatever we do is a new learning experience for all of us. When I say ‘new learning experience’ it means we learn entirely new office systems and functions, new methods of getting the job done, new job responsibilities, new group of colleagues and new leadership who all work together as a family for the common cause of the new company.  

The new family that I have joined is State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Ltd (STCBL) and I am now a week old today since I joined the company on Tuesday the 24th March, 2015. Coincidentally this company is as old as Bank of Bhutan Ltd (BOBL) as both were established in the same year in 1968.

A banker that was with BOBL for the last 24 years has now become an internal auditor for STCBL.
Role of Internal Audit

My first one week of experience in STCBL has indeed been both enriching and encouraging. ‘Enriching’ in the sense that I gained lots of new knowledge and new experience about the way the company is functioning and being managed. It has also been ‘encouraging’ in the sense that office set up is well equipped with new tables, chairs and furniture giving a modern outlook as well as inspiring place to work; majority of employees including the management team are young, dynamic and master holders with rich experience in modern business management; and all employees are cooperative, willing to help each other, sharing their knowledge and experience, and working in good team spirit.

I always love to meet new people and build personal as well as official relationship with them in order to socialize ourselves. I am fortunate that STCBL has provided me with an opportunity to meet with its employees who would always be my friends and colleagues even after I leave the company. For sure I would not have known all its employees had the company not given me the opportunity to serve for which I must thank all the board, management and employees of STCBL.

For those readers who may not be aware of the underlying revenue sources between a bank and a trading company, in contrast to ‘Sales’ being the main revenue source for a trader, the Interest on Loans form the major source of revenue for banks.

Similarly on the expenses side, the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)’ is the major component of expenses for a trading company whereas the ‘Interest on Deposits’ constitute the major expenses for a bank. But the overall objectivity of the bottom line – maximization of profit - remains the same with all business entities be it traders, bankers, retailers etc.

Coming to my assignment in STCBL, my role as an internal auditor is a very challenging one. Unlike the divisions which have to concentrate only on their own roles and responsibilities, I as an auditor have to understand not only the overall policies of the company and other relevant laws and acts of the country but I also have to master and gain a much deeper knowledge of all systems and procedures, roles and functions of all the divisions of the company before I give any kind of opinion and recommendations to the company. The dual role that auditors have to function in reporting to both Audit Committee and Management is itself challenging. One has to be very tactful in our approach in meeting expectations of both the authority.
Notwithstanding whatever difficulties and situations come my way, I am determined to work hard and execute my roles and responsibilities professionally with due care and integrity to the best of my ability and experience with emphasis on 3 broad areas of auditing function relating to Internal Control, Risk Management and Governance of the company.

With my joining in STCBL, I now have to devote my entire time and energy for the company. As such I would have very little time at my disposal to concentrate and continue with my passion in painting. Nevertheless I cannot sacrifice or give up my passion completely. If we have the passion there is always a way to adjust ourselves. I can always utilize the weekend and govt. holidays for painting if I wish.

I apologise all the readers if you hardly see any new paintings in my blog from now on as you all know the reason. But I will be definitely back with a new painting one fine day when time permits. So be patient till then. For the moment enjoy viewing my last painting of a flying eagle which is more than 90 % complete although finishing touch work is still left to be done.                

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Painting of Trekkers and Yaks

I have just managed to start another landscape oil painting of caravan of yaks supposedly carrying the belongings of the trekkers.

Apart from distant mountains which are painted using sample images, the foreground landscape is painted purely from my own imagination. I am not sure how it would come out upon completion but I am determined to bring out the best of my skills in this art. The trekkers and yaks, the stones and heaps of boulders will all be repainted with a strong color value that will boost the overall atmosphere of the painting. I am thinking of even adding some prayer flags in the foreground so that we see the trekkers and yaks through these flags.

The update of this painting shall be posted when it is completed.....    


Sunday, January 4, 2015

My First Landscape Oil Painting of the New Year 2015

It was a very bright morning with clear blue sky on 1st day of the New Year 2015. The freshness and clear atmosphere of the new year inspired me to take up a new oil painting and here is my first art work for the new year.  
1st oil painting of the New Year 2015
Coinciding with bright new year I decided to paint a cloudless sky this time to represent the brightness of sun lighting up the tips of the distant mountains and the lone stupa (Chorten) standing on a hillock. This is just an foundation outlay of the art work which is painted on a small canvas size of 16x12 inches. I have plans to add some supporting elements of human figures and prayer flags to make the painting more interesting as I progress further with additional layers of color. As the painting is now left for drying and it will take some time to complete it I request the viewers to be patient till I update this blog article with final image of the painting.