Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Painting of Trekkers and Yaks

I have just managed to start another landscape oil painting of caravan of yaks supposedly carrying the belongings of the trekkers.

Apart from distant mountains which are painted using sample images, the foreground landscape is painted purely from my own imagination. I am not sure how it would come out upon completion but I am determined to bring out the best of my skills in this art. The trekkers and yaks, the stones and heaps of boulders will all be repainted with a strong color value that will boost the overall atmosphere of the painting. I am thinking of even adding some prayer flags in the foreground so that we see the trekkers and yaks through these flags.

The update of this painting shall be posted when it is completed.....    


Sunday, January 4, 2015

My First Landscape Oil Painting of the New Year 2015

It was a very bright morning with clear blue sky on 1st day of the New Year 2015. The freshness and clear atmosphere of the new year inspired me to take up a new oil painting and here is my first art work for the new year.  
1st oil painting of the New Year 2015
Coinciding with bright new year I decided to paint a cloudless sky this time to represent the brightness of sun lighting up the tips of the distant mountains and the lone stupa (Chorten) standing on a hillock. This is just an foundation outlay of the art work which is painted on a small canvas size of 16x12 inches. I have plans to add some supporting elements of human figures and prayer flags to make the painting more interesting as I progress further with additional layers of color. As the painting is now left for drying and it will take some time to complete it I request the viewers to be patient till I update this blog article with final image of the painting.