Friday, May 15, 2015

New Oil Paintings In Pipeline

Albeit limited leisure hours at my disposal now, I am making optimum utilization of the only free time that is available in weekend Sundays by devoting to paintings. Since painting is my only hobby I can neither afford to sacrifice my leisure hours with idleness nor can I ever think of discontinuing my passion in painting.

There is always a risk of forgetting all the skills and techniques we have gained in painting when we don't keep up with consistent and continuous practice. The 3 simple words, "Practice, Practice, Practice" mean a lot in painting. If we lose practice we lose not only our acquired skills in art but we also lose our "interest" - the most fundamental drive in everything we do.

Thus in order to keep alive my interest and passion in painting lest I forget and lose everything, I have managed to start two new landscape oil paintings. These paintings are in their initial stages of development. While the harvesting scene in the forefront of Paro Dzong is still in its first stage in acrylic medium, the Gasa Dzong painting is in the 2nd stage with oil medium over acrylic.
Harvesting Scene in Paro

Gasa Dzong

Update of Gasa Dzong Painting

In order to speed up initial drawing and sketching works of various shapes, designs, forms and subjects of any paintings that I begin, be it landscapes or portraits, the acrylic color (which dries instantly) is usually my preferred medium in the first stage of my painting work.When once the whole white canvas is completely covered with various shades of acrylic color and all elements of subject, then our mood for real painting kicks off with all necessary corrections and refinements with appropriate values and contrast in oil colors. In fact with all my paintings the use of oil color medium normally starts from the 2nd stage of painting till completion.

This method of  combined color medium has indeed been very useful in expediting the progress of my painting works. But I must make things clear to all readers and interested artists to always keep in mind the simple wisdom the professional artists have emphasized repeatedly, "It is always OK to paint 'Oil over Acrylic' in painting; but it is a big NO to paint 'Acrylic over Oil'" as acrylic paints would crackle and peel over eventually.   

The readers and bloggers may, however, enjoy viewing my above new paintings although just started..........

A little update of painting has been made on 'Harvesting Scene in Paro' with oil on paddy fields and harvesters on Saturday afternoon on 15th May, 2015 in order to bring the foreground elements forward to the viewers. There will be some more updates tomorrow on Sunday provided I have no other works..... 

Update of Paddy Fields & Harvesters

Here is further update of Harvesting Scene in Paro done on Sunday. The readers will now see some refinements in background landscapes such as skies, clouds, hills and the big house in the foreground. The painting will now be left for drying until the 3rd stage where there would be further adjustments in color values, contrast and finishing touches etc...

2nd stage of Painting