Artist Statement

Painting is my only passion. I first learnt to draw at Sherubtse Public School (former name for present Sherubtse College) when we used to have one art class session once a week for lower classes. The art classes constituted drawing of sample images - usually a dragon, eight auspicious lucky signs and other Bhutanese arts.

The art teacher would draw sample pictures onto the blackboard from which we used to copy and draw them on a paper and show it to the teacher for feedback and advices when completed. Since then drawing and painting pictures has been at the core of my interest. Initially I used to paint ‘Thangkas’ of Buddhist Gods and Goddesses. The first cash I earned in painting was Nu.3000/- from Late Fr. William Mackey against a sale of thangka painting of Lord Buddha (water color on canvas) when I was in Class IX at Jigme Sherubling High School in 1979.

The following year I even sat for Art Exam in ICSE (Class X) as there was option between Arts and Economics. My Art Exam consisted pencil drawing and sketching of basket-full still images of fruits and plants.

However, after a long gap of almost 7-8 years of no art work I revived my passion in art with
the painting of a thangka of eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche (Guru Tshengay) whilst in bank service at Punakha Branch. Since then I have continued with my passion by switching over the medium and subject of painting - from water color to oils and from Buddhist Thangkas to Landscape and Portrait arts. The first oil portrait that I painted was our Royal Couple which was gifted to Their Majesties on their grand wedding ceremony on 14th Oct, 2011.

It's always thrilling to experience the challenges involved in painting. The more we paint, the more we acquire new level of skills and knowledge. In fact every new painting is a new experience of learning for artists – experience of new painting techniques. An artist is never satisfied with his paintings as there are infinite opportunities for improvement and sharpening the skills. I feel I've been blessed with a special gift and it's incredibly satisfying to know that I can use my talent to bring joy into the lives of others through instant sight of my paintings.

The main greatest source of inspiration for my ever increasing passion in art is drawn from art masterpieces of world’s great professional artists that I come across. I meticulously examine these masterpieces and always try to replicate their art techniques into my own work.

The saying 'Practice makes perfect' is definitely true in art insofar as the great art masters have often stressed on 3 underlying words, "PRACTICE, PRACTICE,PRACTICE!!!"