Landscape Art

Landscape paintings are comparatively much more easier than portrait art. Keeping the originality of the subject, the artists have at least some leeway to add some features like human or wild life in order to bring some life to the painting. Artists can also exaggerate and paint as freely as they desire to make the overall composition of the painting look good and meet the desires of the interested buyers.

Though landscape art is quite easy, yet the artists have to always keep in mind the basics of painting principles like color contrast and harmony, light and shade are maintained.
Dzongs and monasteries are often the main focus of my landscape paintings. Below are some of testimony to my landscape art pieces. 

Anyone interested in commissioning a landscape art of their choice may contact me for further details.  


Taktsang Monastery
Gasa Dzong in oil
Drugyel valley in oil
Gangtey monastery
Paro Dzong in oil
Chendebji Chorten in oil
Dobji Dzong
Druk Air Landing
Punakha Dzong
Bridge to a Monastery 
Trongsa Dzong in Oil
Jakar Dzong in oil
Dagana Dzong

Punakha Dzong Reflection

Punakha Dzong painting

Village view

Grazing cattles

Yak herder