Portrait Art

Portrait Art tests the skills of any artists for it is a very difficult and challenging task for every artist to paint exact replica of the subject. It disciplines the artist to paint realistic images of the subject. Although portrait art is quite a daunting and cumbersome process, it instills courage and opportunity for the artist to sharpen one's painting skills. There is no exaggeration in portrait art alike the landscape paintings. While doing any portrait art I always refer the valuable guidance and tips shared by the experts. In fact the varied websites of numerous artists world over have been the primary source of constant inspiration in portrait art.

However as I am neither a professional portraiture nor do I possess any studios equipped with modern facilities I am far from the ability of painting portraits from live models. So the only best way to keep up with portrait art is to paint from photos of the subject in desktop.

I do enjoy painting portraits despite the difficulties and inadequate experience and limited skills.

Appended below are some of my works of portrait art. Enjoy viewing and if anyone is interested commissioning a portrait art of your own or dear and near ones at reasonable fees, do not hesitate to contact me.

1. Portraits Sold: 

Their Majesties (sold)

K5 and Queen  (sold)

HM the Queen (sold)

2. Portraits for Sale at Gallery: 

Ven Je Khenpo (in gallery)

HM the King (in gallery)

HM the Fourth King (in gallery)

3. Portraits Gifted: 

Royal Couple (gifted to HM)

Gifted to Kezang Lhamo 

Gifted to Kessang Wangmo

Kinzang Wangdi (classmate friend)

4. Portraits (Personal): 

Royal Wedding (not for sale)

Wife (personal)